Chalk Up Another Florida RB Interested In Oregon


Published: February 1, 2009


Finishing his first year in Niceville, FL and playing for the local high school produced great results for the Oklahoma transplant Roy Finch. So well that the 5’8 170 pound running back with 4.41 forty speed has earned the attention of a few big name schools from across the nation including two offers.

“Right now I have two offers, Stanford and Alabama, but I am also hearing from Florida, Oregon, Auburn, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. I’d say that right now Oregon, Florida, and Alabama are my favorite schools at the moment,” says Finch.

Finch is considered a scat back as his short frame allows him to hide behind blockers and waits for holes to open. His style of play paid of big time as his Junior season Finch was able to have a great season.

“I had 1296 yards rushing, 446 yards on kick returns, and 300 yards receiving. From all of that I scored 25 touchdowns for my Junior season,” said Finch.

Finch informed Ducks Attack he is looking for a school with good coaching, good academics that has a good journalism school, and one that has a team and school who love one another.

With Oregon being one of Finch’s early favorites Ducks Attack asked what makes Oregon so appealing.

“I like the style of offense they run as it’s attractive to me and I also think the coaching staff at Oregon is top notch,” informs Finch.

Finch has planned a busy off-season so far with the 2009 Nike Rise Camp, Florida Camp, Alabama Camp, and unofficial visits to Florida, Florida State, and Alabama all on the table so far.

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5 Comments on "Chalk Up Another Florida RB Interested In Oregon"

  1. woundedknees on Mon, 2nd Feb 2009 12:06 am 

    “I had 1296 yards rushing, 446 yards on kick returns, and 300 yards receiving. From all of that I scored 25 touchdowns for my Junior season,” said Finch.


    If the Ducks don’t get him, the Beavers will come calling…

    I know Oregon has been very noticeable for the productivity at the RB position, yet you have to wonder… How much of this interest is created by the attention Bryce Brown is giving Oregon?

  2. Jhop on Mon, 2nd Feb 2009 6:23 am 

    Would love for this guy to find his way to Oregon for a visit. We definitely have the “family” atmosphere he is seeking. And we know what he could do in our offense with that speed.

  3. RobbieG on Mon, 2nd Feb 2009 10:24 am 

    The attention Oregon gets from runningbacks probably has more to do with Maurice Morris, Onterrio Smith, Reuben Droughns, Jonathan Stewart, Jermiah Johnson, and Lagarrette Blount than it does with a recruit looking at us. Oregon can make a case that if you want to rush for a 1000+ yards and get drafted, then they’re worth looking at. I know the whizzinator has been a bust, but Droughns has been a feature back for teams, Morris has been productive, Stewart produced very well in in a two-back system as a rookie. Johnson will be drafted this year, and barring some unfortunate, unforeseeable mishap, Blount will be drafted high next year. Also, the fact that Oregon is a running team helps immensely.

  4. James on Mon, 2nd Feb 2009 1:22 pm 

    Looking for a good journalism program…look no further than Oregon.

  5. on Sat, 7th Feb 2009 12:51 pm 

    The whizzinator wasted his talents away. What a shame. I thought he could really do some really good things in the NFL.