Is Costa Hurt? Or Is It A Hoax?


Published: August 21, 2008


With news coming from 95.5 and saying that Sophomore QB and front-runner to win the job, Nate Costa, has been severely hurt the rumor mill started swirling. I am not sure if this is true or not as some of the media outlets that are best known for breaking Oregon news (Register-Guard’s Rob Moseley, eDuck’s Steve Summers, and Duck Sports Authority’s AJ Jacobson) have nothing on their blogs or websites about this.

So since I am an intern at 1320 “The Score” in Eugene, OR and thought this might be a good radio topic I texted the producer of the show to fill him in. He checked with the UO media services about some press conference being called to discuss the injury of Costa. Turns out, there is no press conference called today and they had no idea what he was talking about.

Then I checked on’s message boards to see if Steve Summers has said anything about the topic and he related the same message I got earlier about having called the UO offices for information on a conference and they had no information and no conference.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t an injury but it does mean there’s some fishy reporting going on. Practice was closed last night, which is when Costa apparently hurt himself. There were people at practice but its people the staff trusts not to leak information.

We at Ducks Attack should know more in a few hours when we get the next update from hopefully coach Bellotti himself at today’s practice.

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6 Comments on "Is Costa Hurt? Or Is It A Hoax?"

  1. Phil on Thu, 21st Aug 2008 2:47 pm 

    What a pain in my ass I hope to god this is just a hoax.

  2. admin on Thu, 21st Aug 2008 2:48 pm 

    We will find out soon enough Phil.

  3. Jhopduck on Thu, 21st Aug 2008 3:05 pm 

    If it’s a hoax I better go pull my season tickets off ebay. :)

  4. HPartlow on Thu, 21st Aug 2008 4:06 pm 

    what does oregon gain if it is in fact a hoax? belloti and his staff would catch a lot of heat if it is… i just dont see why the ducks would do this, it comes off as immature and just pain stupid

  5. RandyDuck on Thu, 21st Aug 2008 5:49 pm 

    Why would MB and his staff catch heat? That’s making the assumption that they perpetrated the hoax (if that’s what it is). I just get a feeling that MB is not that kind of guy (goatee or not).

    If it is indeed a hoax, it was probably initiated by some well-meaning Duck fan with a call to the station. This being Dawg week and all (well…a day and a half shy of Dawg week anyway) that would get out right away.

    I hope it’s a hoax, but if it’s not, JR’s gonna do just fine. He’s a gamer and we all know it.

  6. admin on Thu, 21st Aug 2008 5:54 pm 

    This injury doesn’t appear to be a hoax. Might be some misinformation that came from 95.5 but if you read our latest post at you will see the latest.