Ruxxe Responds To Duck Fan’s Questions


Published: August 6, 2008


I am going to have to admit when the Ruxxe group posted the press release on Ducks Attack’s message board I was tempted to put it on the blog as actual news. However, I decided it wasn’t news material and low and behold it was. ESPN’s College Football Live talked about, Duck Sports News picked up on it, and many other media outlets did as well. Well I missed the boat on that one.

Now the guys behind the grand scheme of things have wroter a response on the board about why the did this entire thing and I felt like I should spread the word for their sake.

One’s ability to put something on a T-shirt is a great opportunity for personal expression. The concept for “The House Of Loud” comes from exactly that. We at RUXXE are Duck fans. We had an idea of putting “Welcome to The HOUSE of LOUD” on a t-shirt so that we as individuals could express our appreciation for the reputation that embodies AUTZEN Stadium.

In fact, this whole thing is really just an inside joke that ended up on a T-shirt. We were hanging around the tailgate against UM when a Wolverine fan walked by. One of us yelled “Hey, Welcome to The HOUSE of LOUD!”. It got us all laughing… even the Michigan fan cracked a nervous smile – probably because he knew it was true. He was about to enter what is known as the loudest stadium in all of college football. And so there it was… a proper “Autzen welcome” was born.

After reading some of the bad press that has been posted since our announcement, we realize that we made a mistake in going so far as to claim that our “phrase” was to be known as Autzen’s new nickname. By no means does it need to be Autzen’s nickname. We agree, whole-heartedly, that the name “Autzen” stands all by itself. What we are doing, though, is putting our own personal message out for opposing fans to see. We feel they deserve a nice warm welcome to “our HOUSE”.

We would like to thank all of the people who support our idea! GO DUCKS! Long live the LOUD in Autzen Stadium!


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