Ruxxe Responds To Duck Fan’s Questions


Published: August 6, 2008


I am going to have to admit when the Ruxxe group posted the press release on Ducks Attack’s message board I was tempted to put it on the blog as actual news. However, I decided it wasn’t news material and low and behold it was. ESPN’s College Football Live talked about, Duck Sports News picked up on it, and many other media outlets did as well. Well I missed the boat on that one.

Now the guys behind the grand scheme of things have wroter a response on the board about why the did this entire thing and I felt like I should spread the word for their sake.

One’s ability to put something on a T-shirt is a great opportunity for personal expression. The concept for “The House Of Loud” comes from exactly that. We at RUXXE are Duck fans. We had an idea of putting “Welcome to The HOUSE of LOUD” on a t-shirt so that we as individuals could express our appreciation for the reputation that embodies AUTZEN Stadium.

In fact, this whole thing is really just an inside joke that ended up on a T-shirt. We were hanging around the tailgate against UM when a Wolverine fan walked by. One of us yelled “Hey, Welcome to The HOUSE of LOUD!”. It got us all laughing… even the Michigan fan cracked a nervous smile – probably because he knew it was true. He was about to enter what is known as the loudest stadium in all of college football. And so there it was… a proper “Autzen welcome” was born.

After reading some of the bad press that has been posted since our announcement, we realize that we made a mistake in going so far as to claim that our “phrase” was to be known as Autzen’s new nickname. By no means does it need to be Autzen’s nickname. We agree, whole-heartedly, that the name “Autzen” stands all by itself. What we are doing, though, is putting our own personal message out for opposing fans to see. We feel they deserve a nice warm welcome to “our HOUSE”.

We would like to thank all of the people who support our idea! GO DUCKS! Long live the LOUD in Autzen Stadium!


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12 Comments on "Ruxxe Responds To Duck Fan’s Questions"

  1. jtlight on Wed, 6th Aug 2008 8:47 am 

    I could care less what their reasons are. The way this “company” has tried promoting a questionable idea (at best) is an embarrassment to the University and to Oregon fans.


  2. LLC on Wed, 6th Aug 2008 9:14 am 

    Why is everyone up in arms about this? Are we trying to compensate for the fact that a lot of people hate that Nike is behind our program? What’s wrong with someone making a shirt and having the sense to copywrite it in hopes to make a buck? I admit I feel better knowing these are just fans and that this “nickname” was created spontaneously because I didn’t like the idea of a marketing company naming the stadium. I have to say, the best alternative that I keep kearing is the zoo and I like house of loud a lot more than that!

  3. Kurt on Wed, 6th Aug 2008 10:15 am 

    For a day or two they made the University of Oregon a laughing stock…Fans hated it overwhelmingly, the other teams in the Pac-10 picked up on it and laughed at us, and even ESPN poked fun at it with a belittling discrediting vibe. They made the U of O and all of its fans a joke, and I hope that this fades even faster than wherever they stashed away the Roboduck costume.

  4. DC Duck on Wed, 6th Aug 2008 10:47 am 

    Calling Autzen the “house of loud” is like saying that my microwave is the “birth place of hot pockets”. Yeah we all get loud during the games and other schools have taken notice to it. Heck, ask the Michigan fans how loud we were in the “big house”. It isn’t Autzen that is loud, it is the fans that are loud. The sports bar we go to here in DC is loud and I don’t see anyone trying some nickname there either.

    I am all for nicknames, but lets make it a bit more formal. Lets have the fans and alumni vote for it. I am not making any suggestions, because to be honest I like the name Autzen just as it is. It is a unique name and I don’t think anyone gets it confused with other stadiums. McArthur Court wasn’t something that was catchy, so “the Pit” was perfect. Lets just stop there.

  5. Kyle on Wed, 6th Aug 2008 6:20 pm 


    And we certainly shouldn’t be “voting” on one either, DC Duck. My god, this is embarrassing. You jokers are like the guy in high school that went around saying, “Just call me Cool Ethan.” Except no one called him Cool Ethan because he wasn’t cool (and his nickname certainly wasn’t either).

    The Oregon Ducks play at AUTZEN STADIUM. The given name alone is enough to strike fear into the hearts of our opponents. Why do we need a catchy nickname? Enough with all the gimmicks and sideshows. Just give me all-American old-fashioned football. I’m a proud graduate of the Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon, but these clowns at Ruxxe Co. have shattered my faith in my alma mater’s marketing program. Get a life and quit embarrassing yourselves, your university, and your fellow alumni.

  6. Don Le on Wed, 6th Aug 2008 7:22 pm 

    You guys are nerds.

  7. WingT on Wed, 6th Aug 2008 8:04 pm 

    Leave it to marketing people to come up with something they think is cool. I’ve had enough experiance with these types to know they love force-feeding “great ideas” on people until you gag.

  8. SoCal Duck on Thu, 7th Aug 2008 8:32 am 

    “Autzen” says it all. No nickname, good or in this case bad, is needed, for the toughest venue to play in on the West Coast. It is without a doubt the loudest stadium, and come October & November, the nastiest conditions to play in….

  9. SoCal Duck on Thu, 7th Aug 2008 8:34 am 

    Comt to think of it, Autzen Stadium already has a proper and fitting nickname; “The house that Phil built!”

  10. admin on Thu, 7th Aug 2008 8:37 am 

    Now I agree this name isn’t a very good name, but thats not the issue here.

    The issue with me is the guys at Ruxxe tried to dub this name as the sole nickname to Autzen Stadium. Had they instead just made T-Shirts, “The House Of Loud” and had an image of Autzen below it or something this would work.

    I actually might think about buying a shirt if that was their goal.

    To name it that however isn’t a very good idea and thus their plan failed.

    Matt Prehm
    Ducks Attack

  11. BJS on Thu, 7th Aug 2008 8:39 am 

    This new “nickname” is actually a good reflection of what the Ducks really are and what the nation thinks about them. You can’t build (or buy, Phil) tradition over night. You have to earn it through consistent, high level performance. That means winning and doing it with dignity and class. Even though the Ducks have had some really good seasons over the past 15 years, they are still an infantile program in the grand scheme of national collegiate football. If you’re a fan, just support your team, cheer as loud as you can and STOP trying to be something you’re not. You’re a new kid on the national stage when it comes to college football so just respect the game and enjoy your team.

  12. Michael on Sun, 24th Aug 2008 8:43 pm 

    Good ideas. Added links on my site