Does Blow Out Win Equal Problems Solved? Not So Fast!


Published: October 11, 2008


What happens if Oregon comes out tonight and gets an early lead on the UCLA Bruins and then continues to pound the Bruins time and time again and end up with a convincing victory late Saturday night? Will fans deem Oregon’s defensive struggles and lack of a solid QB over? Will fans be able to see through the Duck blinders that many have that no matter how many points Oregon wins by the Ducks simply have major issues?

This Oregon team is overrated; yes I know I said it. The defensive backs were ranked atop all the national positional rankings and listed in the award watch lists. So far in the three big games the Ducks have played in the defense has gotten torn apart via the pass and run and has flat out stunk. Play action pass has burned the Ducks time and time again in the two losses this season. Yes the coaching is a large chunk of it, I agree with that, but the players also are at fault. What about the defensive line? They were considered the weakness of the Oregon defense going into the season and they still are. Senior Nick Reed and Junior Will Tukuafu have raised their level of play from last season but the interior of the D-Line has been sub par at best. What about the Oregon QBs? In Duck fan’s eyes they seem to have assumed just because these new QBs that came to the program this past off-season are world beaters because they are the largest collection of star studded recruits to ever sign with Oregon. The next guy in line it seems isn’t only just as good as the previous starter but better. There was a reason that Sophomore Nate Costa was first in line and then the slow footed and not so fan popular Sophomore Justin Roper were ahead of all the new guys. They knew the offense and had the game experience. Oh, I also forgot they were better than the Sophomore Jeremiah Masoli and the two Freshman Chris Harper and Darron Thomas.

So in a game in which I think Oregon will score quickly via the run and shut down the crumbled UCLA offense time and time again in what will end up being a blow out victory to the tune of 37-17 in Oregon’s favor I have one request for Duck fans. In the fashion of a victory don’t call in to the post game show or post your biased opinion on the many message boards about how Oregon is back and ready for the Pac-10 championship. UCLA isn’t a very good football team and for your own health a blow out win doesn’t mean this team is back. There are too many issues with this overrated football team to fix in just one game against an inferior team.

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