Team/League COVID Safety Protocols For 2021

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Re: Team/League COVID Safety Protocols For 2021

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dd10snoop28 wrote:
Alan wrote:Her refusal to get the vaccine will cost her her life, sad but her choice.
No comment even needed, but just as a reminder: a women at her age has a 1:8,123 chance of dying from COVID-19.

The mortality rate for those with stage 5 kidney disease over 5 year period? 1:1.5
UPDATE on the woman who was denied kidney transplant because of her vaccination status. Fortunately, she had a successful surgery and likely has saved her life:

"Baylor's medical providers accepted the duo and quickly enrolled them into their system and scheduled the transplant surgery. Their status as unvaccinated individuals never became an issue.

'UCHealth gave me a death sentence,' said Lutali. 'Baylor gave me a chance [at life].'

Just days following the surgery, Lutali's kidney function immediately skyrocketed from five percent to around 73 percent. The doctors that operated on Lutali and Fougner commented that the latter's kidney was an "overachieving" marvel.

'Without faith in Christ, we would not be sitting here today. We were either going to listen to men or listen to God, and we chose the path of God," said Leilani. She and Fougner have now committed themselves to battling religious and medical discrimination against Christians.' "