Transfer Portal Impact - Ducks Sports

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Transfer Portal Impact - Ducks Sports

Post by StevensTechU »

The transfer portal went into full effect in 2021 when the NCAA dropped the requirement to sit a year when transferring schools, so we have two years of information with which to gauge the impact on the various UofO teams. I don't have a complete view, so I'm curious how you folks who follow closely would say we've fared by sport.

Football - Very positive. Top tier football teams, generally, have utilized the portal well and Oregon is definitely in that camp with Bo Nix and a litany of starters acquired as transfers.

MBB - Slightly negative. While Altman has done well with transfers during his overall tenure in Eugene, since 2021, we've seen more production/talent leave than show up.

Baseball - ?

Men's Track & Field - ?

WBB - Negative. Endiya Rogers was a big pick up, but I don't know if any team has signed and lost more 5* players than Graves' squad.

Women's Track & Field - ?

Softball - ?
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Re: Transfer Portal Impact - Ducks Sports

Post by dthomas=ddixon »

I don’t have any insights into the other Duck sports, but I do think it’s interesting how differently the portal has affected basketball versus football.

In basketball, it seems to have almost immediately increased parity to a level we haven’t seen before. Because of the smaller roster size and only five guys being on the court at a time, adding just a few quality players can take a team from being mediocre to great.

What I’m curious about going forward is whether the blue bloods will be able to adjust in a way that allows them to stockpile all the elite talent once again.
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