Idle Ducks Climb in Polls


Published: November 23, 2008


Even with the weekend off the Ducks found themselves getting some work done over the weekend as the Oregon Ducks climbed in the AP and Coaches’ Polls on Sunday. Going into the weekend the Ducks were ranked 24th in both the AP and Coaches Poll they exit ranked 19th in AP Poll and 18th in the coaches poll while the BCS poll is still pending.

Going into next week the chances for the Ducks to climb even higher in the Rankings is there as eight teams ahead of the Ducks are playing games in which they could end up losing. Oregon plays the 17th ranked Oregon State, Syracuse plays at 16th ranked Cincinnati, Western Michigan visits 15th ranked Ball State, 13th ranked Georgia vs 23rd ranked Georgia Tech, 11th ranked Missouri plays arch rival Kansas, 9th ranked Boise State will face rival Fresno State, 3rd ranked Florida faces rival 24th ranked Florida State, and 2nd ranked Oklahoma vs 12th ranked Oklahoma State.

Its safe to assume if Oregon can pull out a win against rival Oregon State next weekend in the Civil War the Ducks could easily push themselves into the top 15 and possibly get into the top 15 for the BCS.

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