Joey Harrington Set To Start Home Opener


Published: August 14, 2008


According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution sports writer Steve Wyche, the Atlanta Falcons will be starting ex-Duck Joey Harrington for the team’s pre-season home opener against the Indianapolis Colts this Saturday.

“I think Joey’s had a very good camp. I thought he made a number of throws last week in the game. He moved the offense and we were able to score 10 points with him as the quarterback,” says Head Coach Mike Smith on the Atlanta Falcons’ website.

The plan for the Falcons is to give all four of their QBs (Harrington, Matt Ryan, Chris Redman, DJ Shockley) a chance at starting a pre-season game and then deciding which one played the best.

Chris Redman started last week’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Ryan is expected to start the game following Saturday and Shockley finishing the pre-season finale.

This might be Joey “The Come Back Kid” Harrington’s last chance at getting an NFL starting position if he can’t keep the job with the Falcons. The future of the Falcons might not include Harrington, but if he plays well enough to start this year and up until the Falcons’ brass is ready for Ryan he could be traded to another team.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that I can play in this league; there’s no doubt I can be a starting quarterback,” Harrington said on the team’s website. “There have been a few bumps a long the way and sometimes there are situations you can’t control but I think the true measure of a man isn’t when things are going well. When things are going well it’s easy. The true measure of a man is when things aren’t going well. How does he carry himself?”

But how are Atlanta fans taking to this news? Doesn’t appear to be welcomed news on the AJC comments page of the recent article. Here are a few quotes from some fans who have commented.

Wow, this game is going to start ugly. Joey was looking for the safety valve all night and did not want to throw down field. He looks skittish and unsure of himself. If Ryan and Shockley look good, I’d go ahead and dump Joey after this game. -Token Gringo

Here is another comment.

Different Coach. Different GM. Different Owner.Same stupid Falcons. Slowey is a career loser with 85 pics and only 79 TD’s. Has the coaching staff not seen enough? Are we again duped by his team work and work ethic. I work really really hard at my job. I am a team player. A general nice guy… that does not make me the CEO nor does it make Slowey a starting QB in the NFL. -Joe

Here is one more.

Harrington will expose himself once again as the bum he truly is, afterward, we can see more of Shockley and Ryan – the future of the Falcons.

I think Redman is a blue collar tough guy that deserves to stick around. He can run an offense in a pinch. And you always need a guy like that around.

One thing for sure – one of these guys will get hurt before the 16 games is over. So that second guy better be ready and they better choose the right guy for that second job.- Tyger

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