Marcus Mariota talks Spring Practice


Published: April 9, 2013


On Friday of last week (5th April), Oregon Quarterback Marcus Mariota was interviewed on ESPN 1080 the Fan in Portland. Having led the Ducks to a Fiesta Bowl win against Kansas State last season, it’s safe to say the man of the moment is looking forward to the 2013 season. And he had a lot to say about the Spring Practices which have already started for Oregon.

To start, having had a change in Head Coach, Ducks fans will be happy to note that no gambles have been taken, and he sees no major differences in the team’s form between the previous Head Coach Chip Kelly and and newer Mark Helfrich, although he thinks there will be differences which crop up as the Spring progresses. “The team has responded really well. I feel good about where we’re really at right now.” There’s also been a lot of speculation lately that the Ducks might possibly be airing out the balls more this season. Whatever happens though, Mariota insists he’ll be ready to do whatever is asked of him.

“Coach Frost and Coach Helfrich have developed game plans. Whatever they ask me to do I’m willing to do it.”

Mariota was also keen to talk about the upcoming season. He thinks the younger players on the team have an opportunity to show their potential and admits they are key to the dynamic of the team. “Our youth helps us get through the long haul. You get into a routine with Spring Practice. With the youth we have to get through the practices to get through the long haul.

With football’s profile growing all the time, it’s up to teams like the Ducks to prove their potential to not only the US, but also the rest of the world. More and more key football games are being played abroad in countries like the UK, and the game has proven popular in venues like Wembley Stadium in London, selling out the capacity. It’s hardly surprising; the country has proven itself to be extremely competitive with similar sports to football like rugby being popular there. And when the Brits and other Europeans aren’t watching sports, they are playing poker. A game that has recently gained worldwide attention because of major tournaments shown on television and websites like , poker is a growing event in Europe, and American Footballers are keen for the game to match poker in popularity, and then surpass it.

With the Ducks and other top football teams across the US doing their bit, they are sure to leave behind a legacy to be proud of. In the meantime, Moriarty says he is working on his performance as Quarterback, and his training involves footwork and focus “I’m able to control the pace my feet are moving. It will help me be in good body locations to throw the ball and to be a steady force.”

Unlike a game of poker, the odds of him succeeding are a little more in his favour.

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