Oregon’s Men’s Basketball Center Looks To Try Football


Published: April 1, 2008


Oregon Men’s basketball reserve center Franz Dorsainvil plans to try out for the Oregon football team according to multiple reports by eDuck.com, Duck Sports Authortiy, and the Register-Guard’s Rob Mosley.

Dorsainvil, a junior college transfer this past season, played sparingly this past season as he adjusted to playing division one basketball in the toughest conference in the nation. Dorsainvil reported to Oregon in the summer tipping the scale at 300 pounds and was able to work himself back into shape for basketball where he played at 260 pounds.

At 6’8, 260, Dorsainvil will provide some very interesting situations for the Oregon coaches and more importantly Defensive Line coach Michael Gray. Dorsainvil was noted as a very strong and aggressive center before coming to Oregon and certainly fit the bill of being a bruiser by the eye ball test.

Dorsainvil has no experience of playing American Football, but he has played soccer and also rugby in the past and will look back on those experiences for football.

It is unclear at this moment if Dorsainvil will not be on the basketball team next season or if he will try to play both sports. This does however help shed light on how Oregon was able to offer a scholarship to Oregon City, Or. star Brad Tinsley for basketball without having any open spots known to the public last month.

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