Should Autzen Have a Nickname? What Would It Be?


Published: August 7, 2008


If  you didn’t hear the news, a group of people who call themselves “Ruxxe” decided to run a press release stating they were trademarking a name for Autzen stadium called “The House of Loud”. Now it created a big stir that made it all the way to ESPN’s College Football Live tv show and was radio, newspaper, and blog material for a few days.

Then, Ruxxe got in touch with Ducks Attack and gave us their own side of the story which I posted earlier this week.

Ted Miller, the writer for’s Pac-10 blog picked it up and linked his readers to our post and that led to a big discussion on our message boards and on the blog comments. More importantly, however, it created a question mark in my eyes.

Does Oregon need to give Autzen a nickname? I know, I know, it’s a crazy idea, but hear me out here.

Oregon is trying to become a “big boy” program, or in better terms, a traditionally great team. Ranked in the top 15 every year. Players moving on and getting drafted early each year in the NFL Draft. BCS Bowl Births. Pac-10 titles. You get the picture.

So what do most national programs have that Oregon is lacking? Some form of an Icon or nickname for their stadium. Is it required to be considered a national player? Heck no! But it sure does help in the recruitment and marketing areas.

 Let’s take a look at some of the nation’s most storied college football programs for a second.

Florida has the Swamp. LSU, a two time BCS champ has “Death Valley” for their nickname. Michigan, “The Big House”. Ohio State goes with the “Horseshoe” for their name. Notre Dame has Touchdown Jesus.

Now I know some people view some of these more “traditional” schools old-timers and they were good only a long time ago, but I still believe this is something that needs to be thought about by Duck fans.

I am not even sure I want a nickname for Autzen, but I am for throwing out ideas and seeing what sticks.


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