Weekly/Monthly Awards

Player of the Week:
Week: Player: Pos: Team:
1 Myles Fisher C Mavericks
2 Christopher Hagan PG Cavaliers
3 Etan Wesley PG Trailblazers
4 Zion Harmon PG Thunder
5 Marcus Murray SG Mavericks
6 Jabari Harper PG Clippers
7 Etan Wesley PG Trailblazers
8 Deion White C Spurs
9 Carson Johnson SG Kings
10 Deion White C Spurs
11 Moussa Cisse C Rockets
12 Moussa Cisse C Rockets
13 Moussa Cisse C Rockets
14 Jordan Lowery SF Pacers
15 Chris Paul II PG Lakers
16 Juan Woolpert PG Kings
17 Jordan Jahnke PF Cavaliers
18 Juan Woolpert PG Kings
19 LeBron James Jr SF Suns
20 Andre Voskuhl C Jazz
21 Andre Voskuhl C Jazz
22 Brandon Foster SF Knicks
23 Myles Fisher C Mavericks
24 Ethan Reed PG Celtics
Player of the Month:
Month: Player: Pos: Team:
1 Juan Woolpert PG Kings
2 Jordan Jahnke PF Cavaliers
3 Carson Johnson SG Kings
4 Deion White C Spurs
5 LeBron James Jr SF Suns
6 Christopher Hagan PG Cavaliers
Rookie of the Month:
Month: Player: Pos: Team:
1 Spencer Traylor PF Lakers
2 Daniel Payton SG Pistons
3 Daniel Payton SG Pistons
4 Spencer Traylor PF Lakers
5 Casey Mills PG Nets
6 Daniel Payton SG Pistons

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